National food Expansion

Sell and ship in sixteen days

People want to eat delicious food in their home. They do not have the time, desire, or expertise to prepare it from scratch. Thier alternative are a store-bought items packed with preservatives, gluten and soy. Another option is to go to an expensive COVID-filled restaurant.

Now consumers across America can get your delicious food delivered to their doorstep. You can start selling and shipping product right away. That means immediate revenue, a marketing database, and customer feedback.

Enlist IGNITE to create the packaging and shipping mechanism, fulfillment system, and conversational commerce platform to attract prospects, accept payment, automate notifications, and encourage upsells. You can be selling and shipping in sixteen days.

1. Design packaging mechanism and order supplies

2. Design shipping mechanism and order supplies

3. Determine the cost of shipping nationwide and allocate costs

4. Automate fulfillment processes

5. Design and deploy ecommerce website

6. Design workflow and write copy for automated customer communication

7. Design workflow and write copy for Facebook chatbot and re-targeting campaigns

8. Graphic design for packaging, inserts and website

9. Custom printing for packaging and inserts

10. Product Photography for packaging, inserts and website