Content Marketing

Case Study: Lead generation for ai solution

The Conversion Funnel

Monet is a patented new AI-powered analytics platform that uses facial coding to capture subconscious human emotions at scale. It then harmonizes these unspoken feelings with conscious attitudes and opinions. The platform is used by creatives, strategists and data executives to test content, concepts and messaging. Monet solicited our marketing services to get exposure. Here is a campaign we ran to generate awareness of a new Crisis Calibration product to address COVID.

Native Advertising

We wrote an article about the change in consumer behavior because of COVID and its implications. We sponsored the Television News Daily on Media Post to get additional traffic. You can read the article here. Our provocative headline in the newsletter generated double their average click through rates. The article funneled to the landing page below for visitors to schedule a demo.

Social Media

We used the article to create 25 pieces of social media content that also drove traffic to the landing pages. The posts included tips to "crisis calibrate" their content as well as views of the new dashboard.