E-Commerce and Shipping Systems


The Challenge

Zooies bakes 79 different types of cookies from a gas station in Culver City, CA with fresh ingredients and no preservatives. The owners enlisted IGNITE to operationalize shipping for the United States, create an elegant online buying experience, and develop procedures for hygiene regulations.

How to Preserve Taste and Texture when Shipping

Cookies need to be stored at low temperature to maintain their fresh flavor, and prevent unwanted microorganisms that create undesirable smells. IGNITE developed a shipping mechanism with 1” foam insulation (thermal resistant R-value of 4), and two 16oz ice packs. Each cookie was individually wrapped in cellophane for freshness and cushioned with crinkle paper for protection.

One-Click Purchasing

IGNITE created a website for customers to make one-click purchases, upgrade to overnight shipping, track their shipment, and receive notifications. The website syncs with UPS so Zooies can efficiently track incoming orders, print shipping labels, and initiate automated fulfillment messages. The website allows multiple product variations and the option to defer shipping costs to the customer. Visit www.zooies.com to see details.

Conversational Commerce

Customers demand immediate satisfaction, tailored recommendations, and status updates. IGNITE designed the workflow to keep customer informed at each step of the purchase and fulfilment process. Customers receive text messages and emails when the order is shipped and arrives at the customers door. The customer can also easily track their package in one click. Customers are then added to automated marketing communications campaigns and re-targeted upsell ads. IGNITE wrote all copy and created graphic design elements.

Fulfillment Consolidation

Zooies was already delivering cookies with Door Dash, Post Mates and Uber Eats. Each channel was managed on its own tablet, requiring three tablets on the counter in addition to the POS. IGNITE consolidated all of the delivery apps and the new shipping app into one tablet, clearing counter space and saving time for the bakers. IGNITE also created a system to pre-assemble shipping mechanisms, further saving time required for fulfillment.

Satisfy CADPH Regulations

IGNITE conducted a kitchen gap audit to determine operational breakdowns that needed fixing to obtain a Processed Food Registration by the California Department of Public Health. IGNITE then created Standard Operating Procedures for food allergies, hygiene, temperature monitoring, pest control, and sanitation. IGNITE also create a process for bakers to audit equipment temperatures and protect against allergen cross-contamination.