Case Study: E-Commerce for Events


Fans are passionate. It doesn't matter what religion or skin color the person is sitting next to you when you're cheering for the same team, or listening to a band perform. We created an commerce platform to advance the events industry in the Middle East and North Africa, called WASTA. Wasta means VIP Treatment because you are part of the family.

The Opportunity

Event software in the Middle East failed to give organizers marketing automation software and tools needed to fill capacity. They don't provide sposnors with data and visitors with one-click checkout.

The Solution

Wasta combined the ecommerce functionality of Ticketmaster with marketing automation capabilities of Hubspot. The platform included in-line checkout for security, self-event creation, seat mapping for venues, dual languages, a government mandated API tax integration, and language-centric responsive design. Here are some screen shots of the platform: