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Meet Brian Leor Frankel

Multinational organizational development consultant who works with senior management on strategies to generate revenue, tackle process challenges and train teams. His global client roster includes Coca Cola, MySpace, Creative Artists Agency, Spin Media and Bahrain Development Bank, as well as management consulting firms, family offices, and celebrities. Recent speaking assignments include South By Southwest, American Chamber of Commerce Abu Dhabi, Dubai Business Women’s Council, TiE Bangalore and MCN Morocco. He is an instructor at California State University, Northridge and his writing on marketing strategy has been published in Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, and C-Suite Quarterly. Mr. Frankel also is founder and CEO of the nonprofit Mentor Matchmaker Foundation, which helps survivors of sex trafficking develop employment skills and career plans by matching them with career mentors who are successful women in the business world.

Our Values

  1. Be flexible, fast and follow though.

  2. Stay objective, methodological, and profit-focused

  3. Understand the client's vision (or help them create one) and make it a reality.

  4. Educate, empower, and engage the client's team.

  5. 10% tithe to the nonprofit Mentor Matchmaker Foundation, which finds career mentors for survivors of sex trafficking and teaches them workforce development skills.

Our Strengths

  1. Marketing audits that identify gaps and revenue opportunities

  2. Setting up marketing campaigns that generate sales and capture leads

  3. Writing and creative development (i.e. email campaigns, press releases, white papers)

  4. Sales tools for business development (i.e. brochures, B2B presentations, CRM, investor presentations, pitch decks)

  5. Marketing and Business Development Training

  6. Market expansion into the USA, UAE, and India


  1. COVID slowed sales.

  2. I need more exposure.

  3. No new leads are coming in.

  4. Customers are switching to my competition.

  5. Competition outranks me on search.

  6. My team is complacent or "old-school."

  7. How do I expand into India/ UAE/ USA?

  8. My idea isn’t getting traction.