Zooies Case Study: national bakery expansion

How to launch an ecommerce platform and build a shipping process


Zooies bakery established itself as a go-to local cookie shop with a cult following, headquartered out of a gas station in Cluver City, CA. The owners wanted to ship their cookies to customers across the United States, while preserving the quality Zooies is known for, and keep up strong hygienic rules.


IGNITE enabled easy online ordering, payment, and shipping by building an ecommerce website that accepts payment, syncs with UPS, and can easily update products. We also sourced supplies to create a custom shipping package. IGNITE also built a system for the bakers to incorporate a new shipping process into their daily routine.


Zooies is now shipping nationally. Orders are being fulfilled on time, and quality is maintained.

Preserving taste and texture

IGNITE developed a custom shipping mechanism to keep the temperature of the cookies down to preserve taste and texture when shipping. This mechanism includes two ice packs and a foam insulation kit. Each cookie is wrapped in cellophane and placed in a dozen box. The insulation also kept the cookie boxes from moving while shipping.

Consolidating Delivery Applications with Shipping

Zooies was already delivering cookies with Door Dash, Post Mates and Uber Eats. Each platform managed on its own tablet, requiring three tablets on the counter, in addition to the normal POS. IGNITE sourced a new tablet to consolidate all of the delivery platform apps, and the new shipping app, enabling more counter space and better organization.

Conversational Commerce

Customer service is extremely important for the Zooies owners. Ignite built a technology and workflow to keep customer informed of each step of the shipping process. Customers receive text messages and emails when the order is shipped and arrives at the customers door. The customer can also easily track their package in one click.