Our Strategy:

Target Market Positioning - Work together to split our target market into segments based on demographics, needs, wants, desires, problems, purchase process and responsibilities.

Design Conversional Funnels - Create conversion funnels to generate inbound leads that turn into sales or email opt-ins.

Generate Leads - Wrangle traffic from Advertising, Partnerships, Press, Website, Social Media, Influencers, Bloggers, Edu-Forums, Microsite, etc. Send this traffic to multiple landing pages to test copy, media and form gate content.

Measure - Benchmark our work against your unique lagging indicators/ KPIs (Sales quotas, conversion rates, cost per acquisition, customer lifetime value, email list size) and leading indicators (ROI, brand image, cash flow, efficacy, efficiency, credibility)

Follow through and Iterate - Leads who do not purchase right away will be re-targeted with email and advertising. Find ways to lower cost per acquisition ad increase conversion rates.